Cooking Classes


Many Guests come to Palermo because of the culture as well as for the food… And many, serious or amateur cooks, would like to learn how to make some of the dishes. And some would, simply, like to have a home cooked ‘local’ meal in their flat. We have set up a simple system that has had a certain success.

The cooks name is: GABRIELE DAINOTTI .

Gabriele is a lovely young man who speaks very good English and has a shop on the market leading to Porta Carini, a few hundred yards from any one of the flats.

The procedure is to write him before you come (although you can easily just go to his shop once you are in town) and express what it is you would like to do including what level cook you are. Be reassured however, Gabriele will work with anyone, at whatever level. And he is very sweet, low key. This is not Master Chef where they scream and yell at you…. !

Once you have met with him, chosen the menu and arranged the date and time, he will arrange for you to meet him and go through the market and, together, shop for the food. Once you have done that Gabriele will come to your flat at a prearranged time and the cooking will commence! You decide how hands on you wish to be!

Once the cooking is done, Gabriele cleans up and then will let you enjoy your meal.

Price: €20 to €35.

How to: write me, John Pepper, and I will put you in touch with him. The rest you settle with him directly.

Below you will see pictures of Gabriele and of the market.


Have fun!!